Transformation Package!  7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy SIGNED by the Author, a Labradorite Pendant! & Rainbow Fluorite Raw Crystal!

Transformation Package! 7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy SIGNED by the Author, a Labradorite Pendant! & Rainbow Fluorite Raw Crystal!

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I have created this little package of Transformation as we are going into the new year!

Let’s start the New year with positivity to become more connected with ourselves learning to love and open our eyes to what and who’s around us!

At this time of extraordinary upheaval and Spiritual transformation this book has never been more relevant! 

Rainbow Fluorite: (Sold as single crystals.)

Fluorite comes in many colours and is know as a great emotional stabilizer. It puts the breaks on when our mid races and we feel ourselves spiralling into emotional overload. Bringing our chakras into alignment in a very particular way it is said to allow us to see our situation through a different lens, as such it is a major helper if we suffer from habitual thinking patterns that cloud our judgement and block us from approaching our situation in a grounded and realistic manner.

Rainbow fluorite is said to be particularly helpful in work settings where we feel easily overloaded, Simply holding this crystal for a short while will bring clarity and calm releasing any emotional toxicity that may cloud our judgement.

Labradorite Pendant: (chain NOT supplied)

Labradorite is known as a Stone of Transformation and is said to bring the wearer strength and perseverance, its energy heightening Spiritual connections whilst grounding and strengthening trust in both ourselves and the Universe. It is known as a ‘revealer’ in that it shows us the Truth behind the illusion and so cuts through the concepts of our limited ego mind. 

7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy Book:

"This book is overflowing with kindness, insight, depth and above" - Katherine Woodward Thomas: New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling in "The One"

If you are interested in deepening your emotional awareness and in developing your emotional intelligence in ways that enhance conscious co-creative living, then this book is for you.

Understanding the fundamental principles of Empathy as a spiritual pathway of living this book will take you on a journey of self understanding enabling you to not only listen to yourself, but to listen and to align with all of life as it flows through you, awakening your spiritual pathway. 

Designed to be read in just 15-20 minutes a day for 7 days, this deeply philosophical and highly transformational book guides readers through a 7-day journey of emotional discovery and expanding spiritual relatedness.

Each day, practical and pragmatic suggestions integrated with emotional insight deepen our understanding and awareness of the way in which empathy sits in relationship with spirituality and emotional intelligence, supporting us in enriching the quality of our personal well-being, our relationships and our everyday lives.

This book is also available on Amazon in paperback, kindle and as an audiobook.