Manifestation with the Moon Astro-Moon Diary and Journal for 2024

The Manifest with the Moon Astro-Moon Diary and Journal can be used independently or together. Both will assist you in understanding how best to align with and use, the incoming astro-energy in support of your own process of conscious manifestation.

 Astrological information is not designed to tell us what to do, it does however offer us an indication of the kind of energetic influences at any given time, and as such acts as an invaluable road map supporting our ability to navigate our lives form a position of conscious, mindful choice.

The Diary has a week to view diary pages with daily positioning of the Moon plus a monthly astro-energy information with additional Rune and Card guidance.  

One of the best ways of increasing our skills of manifestation is to learn to align and work with the natural cycles of the Moon and her connection with the incoming energy from other planets. Noticing how we find ourselves thinking, feeling and responding to these incoming influences enables us to consciously collaborate with the extraordinary power of the natural world. To do this, we will need to be aware of where the Moon is during her monthly cycle, along with some awareness of her relationships with the other planets as well.

The Diary is designed to help you to do exactly this.

The Journal has an even more in-depth account of the monthly astrological influences, with specific details as to how best to navigate the incoming energy. There is also additional information about working with the dynamics of the New Moon and the Full Moon to add energetic weight to your personal process of manifestation.

Each month, the journal also draws on the natural properties of a particular stone or crystal that aligns with the overall astrological dynamic of the month, with information about how these natural healers of the Earth can aid and support us, particularly during times of accelerated growth and transition.

Both contain absolutely tons of information to assist you in learning to work with and harness the incoming astro-energy.

The Power of Collective Prayer. From an astrological perspective, during 2021 we can expect to see three peak periods of particularly powerful energetic intensity. To ensure that we center ourselves in the higher vibration of this energetic, please join me for one minute of silent prayer at 7pm each day during these periods. The dates which take place in February, June and December are noted throughout the journal.